Recent Watches - EX-FEST 2013!!

I was in Philly last weekend and went to ExHumed Film’s Ex-Fest for the second year, it was amazing as always. This year 8 films! From all over the place.All movies were shown on 35mm, looked beautiful. It was a wild ride, let’s see what they all they did…

#131: Sunday in the Country (1974) - A Pretty cool revenge films. This farmer really hate trouble maker gangsters, so he’ll torture and kill em. One of them was Michael J. Pollard, shout out.

#132: Radioactive Dreams (1985) - Really awesome post-apoc film. Cool soundtrack, I really liked the main characters. Takes place in a world where EVERY nuclear bomb had been used and these guys have a key to the only one left…

#133: The Witch Who Came From the Sea (1985) - I just remember a funny tattoo and that they kept wanting to make an anti-TV statement. Weird timeline.

#134: Vigilante (1983) - Only one I’ve seen of these, William Lustig at his finest. Some great revenge here.

#135: Lightning Sword of Death (1972) - Also known as the 3rd Lone Wolf and Cub film. Pretty sweet movie, heard it was the worst of them, makes me want to see the others. Last battle was epic.

#136: Darktown Strutters (1975) - The wackiest and zaniest blaxploitation film maybe ever. Certainly fun.

#137: Pick-Up Summer (1980) - A really dumb teen sex comedy. It had some funny parts but boy was it painful. Sweet pinball showdown at end though. And it had a theme song.

#138: Gums (1976) - A Jaws porn spoof. With nazis, and hand puppets with human dicks and a mermaid and like WHAT WAS GOING ON THE WHOLE TIME WAHTTTT

Amazing weekend, can’t wait to be back in Philly to see Kill Bill The Whole Bloody Affair.

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